Investing in an Inflationary Period

After several rounds of stimulus checks and a year of supply chain disruptions, inflation was almost inevitable. People have money to spend, and manufacturers do not have the resources in place to keep up with demand. The only recourse is to raise prices in the hope...

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Where Are the Workers?

Talk of the Great Resignation began months ago when businesses started reopening and calling employees back to work only to find that the workers were not there. They had plenty of customers but no one to serve them. Forced to run on skeleton crews to meet increasing...

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Are we in a Housing Bubble?

Over the last year and a half, the housing market had all the elements of must-see TV. There’s been plenty of drama and a sympathetic cast of characters as sellers banked plenty of cash and buyers resorted to some creative techniques to seal a deal. We’ve laughed....

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“It’s the Economy, Stupid!”

These frank words were famously delivered by democratic strategist James Carville during Bill Clinton’s run to the presidential election in 1992, to put some exclamation marks on the driving force for prosperity. It was true then – and, well – sort of true, today. One...

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Cryptocurrency: Is it Cryptic?

What exactly is Bitcoin? Maybe it’s a question you’ve been dying to ask, because you can’t turn on the news without seeing headlines blaring Bitcoin values. As of this writing, the exchange rate is almost $58,000 per coin, which is around 828% the price in March 2018...

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