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Why We're Different

Butler, Lanz & Wagler is different from mainstream wealth management firms, and that difference is most evident in three areas.  

First, the firm's style of investment management is different. BLW is a trend-follower, utilizing market-timing, extreme diversification and the ability to "go short" to reduce risk and maximize risk-adjusted returns, whether the client is more in need of growth or income. The mainstream, on the other hand, is still devoted to variations of buy-and-hold, a strategy based on theories now thoroughly discredited in both academia and by practitioners in the real world.

Second, the world view of mainstream wealth management firms is starkly different from that of Butler, Lanz & Wagler.  The primary difference is that the mainstream generally adheres to the notion that the economy and world markets are just fine in the hands of politicians and central bankers.  Butler, Lanz & Wagler believes the economy suffers from political intervention and that central bankers are the primary creators of business cycles and bubbles.  In short, the mainstream inadvertently believes in free lunches, while BLW knows there is no such thing and that actions by both groups actually create risk that must be continually addressed in the wealth management process.  

Third, Butler, Lanz & Wagler's business model is different. The firm does not claim to be an expert in all things to all people.  Instead, the firm's expertise is in investment management but bring the knowledge and experience of other experts to bear when constructing and executing a comprehensive wealth management plan for its clients.  Those experts include those in tax planning, estate planning law, property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance and real estate.  The firm acts as the "point guard" on a team of all-stars.  The firm's clients work exclusively with the point guard.