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Free Consultation

Please give us a call at 913-696-1919 to schedule a free one hour consultation.  There are several advantages to coming into our offices and discuss what it would be like to have a professional money management firm handle your planning and investments:

  1. It's free, so you'll pay nothing to check us out.
  2. It's confidential – we won't sell your name or pester you if you decide we are not a good fit.
  3. You'll have an opportunity to go over our money management style in much more detail.
  4. It's your opportunity to interview us.  Ask us whatever you want.
  5. We can give you our opinion on how you're currently situated versus where we would have you positioned.


*To learn more about what we can do for you, simply call (913) 696-1919 and schedule a free one-hour consultation.  We'll look forward to seeing you then.